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  • Two new directors for Le Havre and Mulhouse

    The announcement at the end of May that Amélie Simier has been reappointed to head the Musée Rodin (see news item of 4/3/21) for a second three-year term brings to mind a number of recent…

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  • ‘Balloon Mania’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Le département de Sculpture et Arts décoratifs européens du Metropolitan Museum of Art de New York, expose pour la première fois une "étude de cas" (Case Study), équivalent de nos expositions-dossiers,…

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  • Restitution and donation of two still lifes to the Louvre

    Very often a work of art returned to the (many) heirs of a family looted during the war ends up on the art market: since it is impossible to give a piece to everyone, it is better to sell it.…

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  • First Lavinia Fontana for San Francisco

    Following in the footsteps of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the National Gallery in Washington and the Getty Museum, the Fine Arts Museums in San Francisco have added the first work by…

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  • Claude Gillot. Comedies, Fables and Arabesques

    And what if its move to Dijon was the best thing that could have happened to the Gillot exhibition? This paradox jumps out at visitors who are finally discovering a retrospective that was feared…

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  • Impressionism and the sea

    ‘Impressionism and the sea’... it’s vague. The Giverny museum has chosen a risky subject for its new exhibition, not because it’s stormy, but rather because it’s flat; all the more so because it was…

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  • A New Look at Jan Van Eyck

    The exhibition catalogue begins with an admission by its curator: ‘when the Madonna of Chancellor Rolin is installed at eye level on a wall and we look at it standing up, it is difficult to devote…

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  • Art History Festival: it’ll be better tomorrow

    We have been very supportive of the Art History Festival. So we’re not happy to see what it has become this year. When we say ’see’, it’s a big word because La Tribune de l’Art was completely absent…

  • Géricaults rediscovered in museums? Really?

    The discovery or rediscovery of paintings attributed to great masters is a regular occurrence in art history. Attribution is not an exact science, and the identity of the authors of certain works…

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  • An ugly painting? Yes, but by a woman! So it’s fine...

    Le Rijksmuseum a acquis d’autres œuvres à la TEFAF dont nous parlerons ultérieurement, mais la seule pour laquelle elle s’est fendue d’un communiqué triomphal est le Portrait de Moses Ter Borch à l’âge…

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