Patronage, sponshorship and fundraising campaigns


  • Seeking patrons for Puvis de Chavannes works

    La Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne a pu préempter, dimanche 24 mars 2024, deux œuvres de Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, préparatoires à des éléments de la peinture ornant le Grand…

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  • Fundraising for the Musée des Impressionnismes de Giverny

    The first Impressionist exhibition opened in Paris in 1874. Several museums are celebrating this 150th anniversary, including the one in Giverny, which has the audacity to tackle a relatively…

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  • Rennes seeks sponsors to restore a tapestry carton

    As Fate would have it, some of the tapestries from the Parlement de Bretagne that were not destroyed in the fire of 1994 disappeared in 1997 in a fire in the restoration workshop where they had…

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  • 17th-century embroidered masterpiece being acquired by Amiens

    There are sometimes - often - acquisition projects that La Tribune de l’Art can only endorse, and invite its esteemed readers to do likewise: the exceptional antependium embroidered at the end of…

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  • Fundraising launched to restore Saint-Louis de Vincennes

    Of course, you have to push open the door. From the street, its silhouette is austere, clad in millstone and red brick, but inside, the Saint-Louis de Vincennes church reveals admirable…

  • A new Chardin soon at the Louvre

    Never two without three? This formula rarely works for the beloved ’French national treasures’, who have all too often got into the habit of taking flight abroad, but both the Musée du Louvre and…

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  • Vaux-le-Vicomte launches a subscription to buy a tapestry

    How to retain Spring? The Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is launching a crowfunding, in collaboration with the Sauvegarde de l’art français, to purchase a tapestry from the Gardener Children hanging.…

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  • Interview with Mathilde Augé, Executive Director of WMF France

    The World Monument Fund is an international organisation dedicated to safeguarding architecture and heritage. It had an affiliate office in France that took part in numerous restoration projects…

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  • Fundraising to restore the Bulliot Virgin

    The hoped-for sum has almost been raised! Last June, a fundraising campaign was launched to finance the restoration of the so-called the Bulliot Virgin, a Gothic masterpiece from the Musée d’Autun…

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