The Burlington Magazine - n° 1414 vol CLXIII - January 2021

Italian Art


The Society of Antiquaries


The Ludovisi Tondo : a rediscovered sculpture by Jacopo della Quercia

Matteo Gianeselli, « The crossing of the Red Sea » in the collection of Cardinal Fesch

Raphael’s Villa Madama : a document of 1519

James R. Jewitt, Revisiting Titian’s ‘Flight into Egypt’ at Ca’ Loredan, Venice

Caravaggio in exile : new documents

Nicholas Penny, Avatars of Antiquity III : Reading the Passions

Plumbing fixtures : the vexing and perplexing case of R. Mutt’s « Fountain »


Clare Hornsby, The Torlonia Marbles : Collecting Masterpieces

Samantha Dumaine, Notre-Dame, Paris : From Victor Hugo to Eugène Viollet-Le-Duc

Anne Lepoittevin, Body and Soul : Italian Renaissance Sculpture from Donatello to Michelangelo

Michael Hall, Raphael : Prince Albert’s Passion

Christopher L. Maxwell, A Prince’s Treasure. From Buckingham Palace to the Royal Pavilion : The Royal Collection Returns to Brighton

Aya Soika, Ernst Barlach on the 150th anniversary of his birth

Alistair Fair, Art Deco by the Sea

Lucy Wasensteiner, Max Beckmann : feminine–masculine

Kenneth Baker, David Park : A Retrospective


Alesso Baldovinetti und die Florentiner Malerei der Frührenaissance

John Mcneil, Saint-Philibert de Tournus : La société, les moines, l’abbatiale,

Giulio Dalvit, Ghiberti Teorico : Natura, arte e coscienza storica nel Quattrocento

Simon Jervis, Mobilier du Moyen Âge et de la Renaissance : La collection du musée du Louvre

Matthias Wiwel, Michelangelo’s Design Principles, Particularly in Relation to Those of Raphael

Francesca Cappelletti, « His Great Genius Was to Make Landscapes » : The Roman Years of Herman van Swanevelt (c.1603–1655)

David Alan Brown, The Life of Giovanni Morelli in Risorgimento Italy

Christopher Green, Total Expansion of the Letter : Avant-Garde Art and Literature after Mallarmé

Alan Powers, MacDonald Gill : Charting a Life

Philip Rylands, Una nuova superficie. Jasper Johns e gli artisti italiani 1958–1966

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