The Burlington Magazine - n° 1399 vol CLXI - October 2019


Powering down in Sydney


Bradley Bailey, Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ : the Baroness theory debunked

In-Sung Kim Han, Intertwined birds : Islamic artistic presence in Korean ceramics in the Goryeo period

The funerary couch of An Jia and the art of Sogdian immigrants in sixth-century China

Elizabeth Savage, Identifying Hans Baldung Grien’s colour printer, c.1511–12

Oliver Wunsch, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s ‘Black countess’ identified

Tico Seifert, All the Rembrandts – and more

E. C. Fernie, Sharon Cather (1947–2019)


Massumeh Farhad, Lapis and Gold : Exploring Chester Beatty’s Ruzbihan Qur’an. By Elaine Wright

Julian Gardner, St Paul’s Outside the Walls : A Roman Basilica, from Antiquity to the Modern Era. By Nicola Camerlenghi

Beth Williamson, Frame Work : Honour and Ornament in Italian Renaissance Art. By Alison Wright

Lisa Rosenthal, Allegories and Subjects from Literature (Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard, 12). By Nils Büttner

Arthur Bijl, Precious Indian Weapons and Other Princely Accoutrements. By Salam Kaoukji ; Rajput Arms & Armour : The Rathores & Their Armoury at Jodhpur Fort. By Robert Elgood

François Marandet, La peinture religieuse à Douai sous l’Ancien Régime. By Françoise Baligand

Stephen Lloyd, Longford Castle : The Treasures and the Collectors. By Amelia Smith

Lisa Stein, The Global Flows of Early Scottish Photography : Encounters in Scotland, Canada, and China. By Anthony W. Lee

Margot Osborne, British Art for Australia, 1860–1953 : The Acquisition of Artworks from the United Kingdom by Australian National Galleries. By Matthew C. Potter

Rattanamol Singh Johal, Art and Emergency : Modernism in Twentieth-Century India. By Emilia Terracciano


James Boaden, Keith Haring. Tate Liverpool

Patrick Crowley, Buried by Vesuvius : The Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum. J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Susan Jenkins, Kings and Scribes : The Birth of a Nation. Winchester Cathedral

Abigail Balbale, The Decorated Word : Writing and Picturing in Islamic Calligraphy. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Marina Vaizey, Berlin/London : The Lost Photographs of Gerty Simon. Wiener Library, London

Hope Wolf, Women’s Work. Ditchling Museum of Art Craft

Christian Nikolaus Opitz, Red Vienna : 1919–1934. Wien Museum MUSA, Vienna

Timothy J. Standring, Hyman Bloom : Matters of Life and Death Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Nicholas Alfrey, Olafur Eliasson : In Real Life. Tate Modern, London

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