The Burlington Magazine - n° 1371 vol CLIX - June 2017


Changing the British Museum


Tom Henry, Signorelli in Rome

Matteo Mazzalupi, Signorelli, the Vitelli and the Medici

Sonja Drimmer, The painters of late medieval London and Westminster

Piero Boccardo, The patronage and date of a late altarpiece by Guercino

Galina Mardilovich, An unusual gift of Russian prints to the British Museum in 1926

Melanie Vandenbrouck, The Rodin centenary

Zahira Veliz, The Art of Conservation XI. Mary Merrifield’s quest : a new methodology for technical art history

Timothy Shroder, Obituary : Charles Truman (1949–2017)


A. J. Taylor, Modern Art in America 1908–86. By William C. Agee

Monica Chojnacka, Jerusalem 1000–1400 : Every People Under Heaven. Edited by Barbara Drake Boehm and Melanie Holcomb

Marjorie B. Cohn, The Print before Photography : An Introduction to European Printmaking 1550–1820. By Antony Griffiths

Babette Bohn, Elisabetta Sirani ‘Virtuosa’ : Women’s Cultural Production in Early Modern Bologna. By Adelina Modesti

Hermione Waterfield, Fiji : Art and Life in the Pacific. By Steven Hooper

Andrew Wilton, Transatlantic Romanticism : British and American Art and Literature, 1790–1860. By Andrew Hemingway and Alan Wallach

Patrick Lenaghan, Copied by the Sun : Talbotype Illustrations to the ‘Annals of the Artists of Spain’ by Sir William Stirling Maxwell. Edited by Hilary Macartney and José Manuel Matilla

Gauvin Alexander Bailey, Polychrome Sculpture : Meaning, Form, Conservation. By Johannes Taubert


Jeremy Lewison, Modern American prints. London

Hugo Chapman, Michelangelo and Sebastiano. London

Owen Hopkins, The Japanese house. London

Richard Martin, Maeve Brennan. London

Richard Cork, Vanessa Bell. London

Richard Stemp, Piety at home in Renaissance Italy. Cambridge

Rachel Smith, Victor Pasmore. Nottingham and Chichester

Patrick Bade, Pissarro. Paris

An Van Camp, Drawings for paintings in the age of Rembrandt. Washington and Paris

Kathleen Adler, Frédéric Bazille. Montpellier, Paris and Washington

Laura Prins, Prints in Paris 1900. Amsterdam and Tokyo

Caroline Campbell, Bellini & Co. Conegliano

Xavier F. Salomon, Guercino. Piacenza

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