The Burlington Magazine - n° 1361 vol. CLVIII - Août 2016


Being private and going public, and the example of the Royal Collection


Joseph Hammond, Five Jacopo Bellinis : the lives of Christ and the Virgin at the Scuola Grande di S. Giovanni Evangelista, Venice

Mattia Biffis, A rediscovered ‘St Jerome’ on copper by Guido Reni and its early provenance

Colin Campbell, Thomas Villiers, 2nd Earl of Clarendon, as a patron of George Stubbs

Margaret Iacono, Charles Stewart Carstairs and Camille Pissarro’s ‘The Côte des Boeufs at L’Hermitage’ : model of magnanimity or marketing strategy ?

The Art of Conservation VI : Helmut Ruhemann, paintings restorer in Berlin and London


Kirstin Kennedy, English Silver before the Civil War : The David Little Collection, by Timothy Schroder

Stephen Lloyd, George Romney : A Complete Catalogue of His Paintings, by Alex Kidson

J. V. G. MalletItalienische, Majolika aus Goethes Besitz. Bestandskatalog Klassik Stiftung Weimar, Goethe-Nationalmuseum, by Johanna Lessmann, with contributions by Christiane Holm and Susanne Netzer

William Vaughan, Burning Bright : Essays in Honour of David Bindman, edited by Diana Dethloff, Tessa Murdoch and Kim Sloan, with an introduction by Caroline Elam

Tim Stanley, Islamic Arms and Armor in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, by David G. Alexander, with contributions by Stuart W. Pyhrr and Will Kwiatkowski

Maurice Rummens, Kandinsky and Klee in Tunisia, by Roger Benjamin, with Cristina Ashjian

Flora Samuel, Aldo van Eyck, by Robert McCarter

James Brown, The Rise and Fall of American Art, 1940s–1980s. A Geopolitics of Western Art Worlds, by Catherine Dossin


Emilia Terracciano, Bhupen Khakhar. London

James Cahill, Pablo Bronstein ; George Shaw. London

Jamie Mulherron, Charles Le Brun. Lens

Marian Campbell, Limoges enamels. Paris and Turin

Giles Waterfield, Rosa Bonheur and her family. Paris

Markus Lähteenmaki, Architecture Biennale. Venice

Mark McDonald, Francisco Pacheco. Seville

Michael White, Dadaglobe reconstructed. Zürich and New York

Lewis Kachur, Picasso in the First World War. Philadelphia and Columbus

Xavier F. Salomon, The Brothers Le Nain. Fort Worth and San Francisco

Robert Silberman, Robert Mapplethorpe. Los Angeles, Montreal and Sydney

Alka Patel, Puja and Piety. Santa Barbara

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