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Museums in need


Alexander Röstel, ‘Una Pieta chon molte figure’ : Sandro Botticelli’s altarpiece for the Florentine church of S. Paolino.

Maria Ruvoldt, Tommaso de’ Cavalieri, formerly Orsini : Michelangelo’s muse and Medici cousin.

Callum Reid, New documents concerning Annibale Carracci’s ‘Holy Family’ in Melbourne .

Eva Struhal, A painting of ‘St John the Evangelist’ by Lorenzo Lippi in the former Collection du Séminaire, Quebec City.

Alessio Pasian, Giulio Carpioni’s ‘Flaying of Marsyas’ from the Algarotti ­collection.

Massimo Favilla,Ruggero Rugolo, A letter from Solimena : a patron and a date for his ‘Dido receiving Aeneas and Cupid disguised as Ascanius’ in the National Gallery.


Christopher Brown, Justus Müller Hofstede (1929-2015).


Stella Panayotova, Vision, Devotion, and Self-representation in Late Medieval Art,by A. Sand.

Peter Humfrey, Paris Bordone. Catalogo Ragionato, by A. Donati.

Gauvin Alexander Bailey, The Visual Culture of Catholic Enlightenment, by C.M.S. Johns.

Erika Langmuir, Vite de’Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti Napoletani, volume 4, by B. De Dominici ; F.S. Santoro and A. Zezza, eds.

David Pullins, Rococo echo. Art, history and historiography from Cochin to Coppola, M.L. Hyde and K. Scott, eds. Delicious Decadence. The Rediscovery of French Eighteenth-Century Painting in the Nineteenth Century, G. Faroult, M. Preti and C. Vogtherr, eds.

Stéphane Loire, Gaspare Traversi (1722-1770), by G. Forgione.

Jonathan Marsden, The Robert Lehman Collection XII : European Sculpture and Metalwork, by F. Scholten.

Publications received


Richard Wolfe, Indigenous Australia. London.

Alice Spawls, Summer exhibitions. London.

Jonathan Vernon, Francis Bacon and the Masters. Norwich.

Julien Chapuis, Medieval Swabian sculpture. Paris .

Pierre Rosenberg, Poussin and God. Paris.

Sarah Whitfield, Pierre Bonnard. Paris.

Gauvin Alexander Bailey, Hôtel de Caumont. Aix-en-Provence.

James Cahill, Medardo Rosso ; In Part. Milan.

Jennifer Montagu, Silver sculpture from Lazio. Rome.

Mark McDonald, Carducho’s drawings. Madrid.

Milo Cleveland Beach, Deccan India 1500–1700. New York.

Anne Blood, German and Russian Art, 1907–1917. New York.

Frédérique Baumgartner, Romantic art, 1760–1860. New Haven.

David Anfam, Barnett Newman. Houston.

Gavin Parkinson, Kurt Seligmann. San Francisco.


Notes on contributors


Recent acquisitions (2010-2015) by British régional museums. Supported by the Michael Marks Charitable Trust.

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