The Burlington Magazine - N°1340 - Novembre 2014


"To God alone the honour and glory" : further notes on the patronage of Pietro Lombardo’s choir screen in the Frari, Venice, by Allison Sherman

Luca Cambiaso the sculptor : a "Bacchus" in the Bargello, by Raffaela Fontanarossa

The unveiling of Mochi’s "Veronica", by Louise Rice

Two German sculptors who transformed the arts of colonial Chile : Johannes Bitterich and Jacob Kelner, by Gauvin Alexander Bailey, Fernando Guzmán

Drawing in exile : Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux and the Elgin Marbles, by Rachel Sloan

"Now the void" : reconsidering Giacometti’s "Hands holding the void : invisible object", by John Finlay


Medieval Ivory Carvings, 1200–1550, P. Williamson and G. Davies, by Sarah M. Guérin

The Gothic Screen : Space, Sculpture and Community in the Cathedrals of France and Germany ca.1200–1400, J.E. Jung, by Julian Luxford

Die mittelalterlichen Bronzen im Germanischen Nationalmuseum. Bestandskatalog, U. Mende, by Paul Williamson

The Marvellous and the Monstrous in the Sculpture of Twelfth-Century Europe, K. Ambrose, by Peter Scott Brown

Carvings, Casts & Collectors : The Art of Renaissance Sculpture, P. Motture, E. Jones and D. Zikos, eds., by Charles Davis

Titian and the End of the Venetian Renaissance, T. Nichols, by Charles Hope

Victoria and Albert Museum, Baroque & later ivories, M. Trusted, by Pierre Ickowitz

Il Seraglio di Pietra, La Sala degli Animali in Vaticano, A. González-Palacios, by Simon Jervis

Sculpture Collections in Early Modern Spain, K. Helmstutler Di Dio and R. Coppel, by Marjorie Trusted

Picasso/Marx and Socialist Realism in France, S. Wilson, by Jonathan Vernon

Robert Morris : Object Sculpture 1960–1965, J. Weiss with C. Davis, by Karen Lang


Pope, Roubiliac and the portrait bust, by Todd Longstaffe-Gowan

Constantin Meunier, by Alexander Adams

The taste for the "Primitives", by Donata Levi

Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Florentine art, by Erika Langmuir

Jacopo del Casentino, by Nathaniel Silver

Vienna Actionism, by Anne Blood

Carl Andre, by Randall Edwards

Cézanne still lifes, by Richard R. Brettell

Marsden Hartley, by Merlin James

La Tribune de l’Art, dimanche 16 novembre 2014

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