The Burlington Magazine - Sommaire du n° d’octobre 2011


The Holburne Museum, Bath


Linda Wolk-Simon, A new painting by Perino del Vaga for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Michael Gallagher, A new painting by Perino del Vaga : recent cleaning and technical observations

Daniel Prytz, Two unpublished oil studies by Federico Barocci in the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Ingo Herklotz, Pietro Testa and the ‘Museo cartaceo’

Antonello Cesareo, New portraits of Thomas Jenkins, James Byres and Gavin Hamilton

Christopher Baker, Robert Smirke and the court of the Shah of Persia

Duncan Bull, Anna Krekeler, Matthias Alfeld, Joris Dik and Koen Janssens, An intrusive portrait by Goya


Ingo Herklotz, K.Wren Christian, « Empire without end : antiquities collections in Renaissance Rome, c.1350–1527 »

Paul Holberton, E.M. Dal Pozzolo, « Giorgione »

Miguel Falomir, G.Tagliaferro, B. Aikema, M. Mancini and A.J. Martin, « Le botteghe di Tiziano »

Jennifer Howes, A.L. Dallapiccola, « South Indian Paintings : A Catalogue of the British Museum Collection »

Mark Stocker and Philip McEvansoneya, N. Glendinning and H. Macartney, eds., « Spanish Art in Britain and Ireland, 1750–1920. Studies in Reception in Memory of Enriqueta Harris Frankfort »

Mark Stocker, M. Kisler, « Angels and Aristocrats. Early European Art in New Zealand Public Collections »

Luke Herrmann, M. and J. Payne, « Regarding Thomas Rowlandson (1757–1827) – His Life, Art & Acquaintance »

Luke Herrmann, P. Phagan, « Thomas Rowlandson – Pleasures and Pursuits in Georgian England »

Giles Waterfield, S. Avery-Quash and J. Sheldon, « Art for the Nation : The Eastlakes and the Victorian Art World »

Giles Waterfield, S. Avery-Quash, « The Travel Notebooks of Sir Charles Eastlake »

Lucy Bradnock, G. Allen, « Artists’ Magazines. An Alternative Pace for Art »


Marian Campbell, Medieval European reliquaries. Cleveland, Baltimore and London

Peter Humfrey, Early Italian altarpieces. London

Richard Calvocoressi, René Magritte. Liverpool and Vienna

David Blayney Brown, William Etty. York

John-Paul Stonard, The Queen : Art and Image. Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and London

Tobias Capwell, The medieval sword. Paris

Rachel Sloan, The Steins Collect. San Francisco, Paris and New York

Koenraad Brosens, Poussin and tapestry. Rome, Bordeaux and Paris

Armin Kunz, Philipp Otto Runge. Hamburg and Munich

Anne Blood, Gino Severini. Paris and Rovereto

Xavier F. Salomon, Young Tiepolo. Udine

Erika Langmuir, Giorgio Vasari. Florence

Janet Robson, Florentine painting 1370–1430. Florence

Michael Rogers, Gifts of the Sultans. Los Angeles and Houston


By P. Sohm and Richard E. Spear


Edward Grasman, Josua Bruyn (1923–2011)

Gregory Martin, William Mostyn-Owen (1929–2011)

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