The Burlington Magazine - n° 1447 vol CLXV - October 2023

Artemisia in England : a royal discovery


Croatia across borders


Niko Munz, Adelaide Izat, Artemisia Gentileschi’s ‘Susanna and the elders’ painted for Henrietta Maria

Beatrice Tanzi, A new attribution to Giovanni Bellini : the ‘Virgin and Child’ in Pag

Marcello Calogero, Rediscovered drawings by Bartolomeo Spani for sculpture and goldsmithery

Aaron Wile, Girodet’s ‘Coriolanus taking leave of his family’ rediscovered


Mark Bills, Reframing Reynolds : A Celebration

Lydia Goodson, Signorelli 500 : Maestro Luca da Cortona, pittore di luce e poesia

Beth Mckillop, Ingres : The Artist and his Princes

Helena Anderson, Gwen John : Art and Life in London and Paris

Lisa Stein, Yevonde : Life and Colour

Satish Padiyar, Sade : Freedom or Evil

Catherine Croft, Herzog & de Meuron

Stephen Lloyd, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque galleries

Beth Mckillop, China’s Hidden Century


Malcolm Mcneill, Handbook of the Colour Print in China, 1600–1800

Edward S. Cooke, China and the West : Reconsidering Chinese Reverse Glass Painting

Imogen Tedbury, Portable Panel Paintings at the Angevin Court of Naples : Mobility and Materiality in the Trecento Mediterranean

Céline Cachaud, Simon de Châlons

Andrea Zezza, Vittoria Colonna e l’eredità degli spirituali Vittoria Colonna : Poetry, Religion, Art, Impact

David Ekserdjian, Italian Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Christopher Brown, Architecture and Sculpture : Rubens’s House (Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard, 22.2)

Ann Compton, Public Sculpture of Kensington and Chelsea with Westminster South-West

Rowan Watson, The Posthumous Papers of the Manuscripts Club

Richard J. Williams, Inside the Spiral : The Passions of Robert Smithson

Stefan Albl, Un pittore conteso nella Napoli del Settecento : L’epistolario e gli affari di Francesco de Mura

Cora Chalaby, Abstract Expressionists : The Women


Andrew Hopkins, Paolo Portoghesi (1931–2023)

Simon Bradley, John Newman (1936–2023)

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