The Burlington Magazine - n° 1446 vol CLXV - September 2023



Stephen Mack, Tanguy’s titles

Rupert Featherstone, Alfred Wallis and Christopher Wood : a meeting on canvas

Jane Martineau, Stanley Spencer, postcards, small books and old masters

Desirae Dijkema, Below the surface of Braque’s ’Pitcher, candlestick and black fish’

Katharina Günther, Denis Wirth-Miller’s studio collection

Eva Díaz, The anxiety of Op : towards a theory of art and the non-visual senses

Lucy Wood, The industry and ingenuity of William Ince and John Mayhew


James Cahill, Soutine|Kossoff

Karen Hearn, Painted Love : Renaissance Marriage Portraits

Christoph Martin Vogtherr, Rosalba Carriera : Perfection in Pastel

MARY ANN CAWS, Mina Loy : Strangeness is Inevitable

Christopher Baker, The National Portrait Gallery, London

Charles Saumarez Smith, Istanbul Modern

Exhibition catalogues

Franz Zelger, Rosa Bonheur (1822–1899)

Claudia Daniotti, Alexander the Great : The Making of a Myth

Isabella Schwarzer, Barbarossa : Die Kunst der Herrschaft

Peter Cherry, Murillo : From Heaven to Earth

Raha Shahidi, L’Amour en scène ! François Boucher, du théâtre à l’opéra


Desmond Shawe-Taylor, Van Dyck and the Making of English Portraiture

Richard Shone, Selected Letters of Clive Bell : Art, Love and War in Bloomsbury

Jonathan Ribner, The Architecture of Steam : Waterworks and the Victorian Sanitary Crisis

Helen Hillyard, Rubens’s Spirit : From Ingenuity to Genius

Stefania Ventra, Mauro Pellicioli e la cultura del restauro nel XX secolo

Emma West, The Real and the Romantic : English Art Between Two World Wars

Richard Thomson, Zola’s Painters

Armin Kunz, Zeichnen im Zeitalter Goethes : Zeichnungen und Aquarelle aus dem Freien Deutschen Hochstift

Christopher Rowell, Great Irish Households : Inventories from the Long Eighteenth Century House and Home in Georgian Ireland : Spaces and Cultures of Domestic Life

Abbie Vandivere, The Ghent Altarpiece. Research and Conservation of the Interior : The Lower Register

Scott Nethersole, Balthazar : A Black African King in Medieval and Renaissance Art

Julian Luxford, Inventing Late Antique Reliquaries : Reception, Material History, and Dynamics of Interaction (4th–6th centuries CE)

Richard Shiff, Cy Twombly Inscriptions


Laura Hoptman, Bernice Rose (1935–2023)

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