The Burlington Magazine - n° 1442 vol CLXV - May 2023


Digitising the Conway and Witt Libraries


Ella Ravilious, The Bayeux Tapestry photographed

Katharina Günther, ‘Goethe’s house is severely wrecked’:Lee Miller at Buchenwald and Weimar

Grant Scott, One short trip to New York : Bill Jay and Tony Ray-Jones

Thomas Cornelius, Landscape as grid in Stephen Shore’s‘American surfaces’

Lisa Stein, The Photography Centre at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London


Blaise Ducos, Vermeer Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam 10th February–4th June

Roy Stephenson, Islanders : The Making of the Mediterranean Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 24th February–4th June

David Jackson, Visionary Romantics : Balke, Lucas, Hertervig

Jane Dini, Sargent and Spain

Michael Richardson, Victor Brauner : Inventions and Magic

Poppy Menzies Walker, Mey Rahola (1897–1959) : The new photographer

Poppy Menzies Walker, Mey Rahola : Desire for Horizons

Padraig Regan, Howardena Pindell : A New Language

Mariam Rosser-Owen, Islamic Arts Biennale


Marco Iuliano, The Idea of Italy : Photography and the British Imagination, 1840–1900 In Light of Rome : Early Photography in the Capital of the Art World, 1842–1871

Rose Walker, Articulating the H. ijāba : Cultural Patronage and Political Legitimacy in al-Andalus : The ʿAmirid Regency c.970–1010 AD

James R. Jewitt, Playful Pictures : Art, Leisure, and Entertainment in the Venetian Renaissance Home

Mark Evans, Woodland Imagery in Northern Art, c.1500–1800 : Poetry and Ecology

Alastair Laing, Jean-Baptiste Greuze et ses têtes d’expression : La fortune d’une genre

Tico Seifert, The Intimate Rembrandt

Joseph Connors, Bernini : Catalogo delle sculture

Claire Roberts, Power and Perspective : Early Photography in China

Karla Huebner, The Traumatic Surreal : Germanophone Women Artists and Surrealism after the Second World War

Lisa Monnas, Gewebtes Gold : Eine kleine Geschichte der Metallfaden-Weberei von der Antike bis um 1800

Alexandre Maral, The Louvre and Versailles : The Evolution of the Proto-typical Palace in the Age of Absolutism

Wim Nys, Liber Amicorum in Honour of Diana Scarisbrick : A Life in Jewels


Elizabeth Pergam, Duncan Robinson (1943–2022)

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