The Burlington Magazine - n° 1436 vol CLXIV - November 2022



The Parthenon sculptures


Frits Scholten, A boxwood ‘Calvary’ attributed to Claus Sluter

Jonathan Marsden, ‘An Antiquity of Piety

Anne Markham Schulz, Paolo Stella’s Belvedere: a Genoese outpost in Prague

John Hilary, Reconstructing the Renaissance: the collection of Edgar and Leonora Speyer

Fernando Loffredo, Soldani’s ‘Lamentation’ in Córdoba

Emmanuel Lamouche, Moderno and Severo da Ravenna in the Duclaux collection, Angers

Luca Palozzi, Graziano A. Vergani, An ‘Allegory of Prudence’ attributed to Nicola Pisano’s workshop


Richard Green, Edward Lear: Moment to Moment

Christine Gardner-Dseagu, The Painters of Pompeii

Richard Thomson, A Taste for Impressionism: Modern French Art from Millet to Matisse

Franz Zelger, Richard Gerstl: Inspiration – Legacy

Larry Silver, Cranach: The Early Years in Vienna

Hiltrud Westermann-Angerhausen, Lucas Cranach der Ältere und Hans Kemmer: Meistermaler zwischen Renaissance und Reformation

Kirstin Kennedy, Ritratti d’oro e d’argento: Reliquari medievali in Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta, Svizzera e Savoia

David Jaffé, Rubens: Picturing Antiquity

Amy Golahny, Crossroads: Drawing the Dutch Landscape

Colin B. Bailey, Renoir: Rococo Revival

Lisa Stein, Ludwig Wittgenstein: Fotografie als analytische Praxis / Photography as Analytical Practice

Mark Stocker, Robin White: Something is Happening Here


Joseph Connors, Bernini and His World: Sculpture and Sculptors in Early Modern Rome

Michela Young, Transforming the Church Interior in Renaissance Florence: Screens and Choir Spaces, from the Middle Ages to Tridentine Reform

Charles Avery, Il Maestro dei bambini turbolenti: Sandro di Lorenzo scultore in terracotta agli albori della Maniera

Jamie Mulherron, Antoine Coysevox (1640–1720): Le sculpteur du Grand Siècle

Hugo Chapman, The Italian Drawings of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries in the Teyler Museum

Christoph Martin Vogtherr, Die Kunst der Außenseiter: Ausstellungen und Künstlerkarrieren im absolutistischen Paris jenseits der Akademie

Stephen Lloyd, Miniature Painting in the National museum: A World-Class Collection

Christina Lodder, Two Women Patrons of the Russian Avant-Garde: Nadezhda Dobychina and Klavdia Mikhailova


Michael Hall, Mark Girouard (1931–2022)

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