The Burlington Magazine - n° 1435 vol CLXIV - October 2022


Royal Monuments


Ariane Perrin, Ancient foreign glassware in Silla kingdom tombs

Negar Sarah Rokhgar, Cross-cultural diplomacy : a Safavid shield in the Medici armoury

Vidya J. Dehejia, Imagery by Raja Ravi Varma on Raj Silver

Stephen Conrad, The Chamber Floor of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, 1815–45

Alexandra Gajewski, A museum asserts its identity : the reopening of the Musée de Cluny


Elizabeth Cowling, Picasso–El Greco

Kerry Paul Boeye, Medieval Treasures from the Glencairn Museum

Elena Woodacre, Fit for a Queen : Symbols and Values of Sovereignty

Frances Parton, Silver City : 500 Years of Portsmouth’s History

Jonathan Yarker, Between the Sheets : Turner’s Nudes

Melanie Vandenbrouck, Aristide Maillol (1861–1944) : The Quest for Harmony

Sean Rainbird, ‘Meistens grundiere ich mit Kreide’ : Emil Nolde’s Maltechnik Emil Nolde : Meine Art zu Malen

Timothy J. Standring, The Art of Winold Reiss : An Immigrant Modernist

Charles Saumarez Smith, The National Museum of Norway


Lauren A. Johnson, Making a Photographer : The Early Work of Ansel Adams

Rachel Ward, Metalwork from the Arab World and the Mediterranean (The al-Sabah Collection / Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah)

Marjorie Trusted, The ‘Pangolin Fan’ : An Imperial Ivory Fan from Ceylon

Hans Jakob Meier, The Altzenbachs of Cologne. Early Modern German Print Publishers : Popular Prints of the Seventeenth Century

Gauvin Alexander Bailey, Clothing the New World Church : Liturgical Textiles of Spanish America, 1520–1820

Stéphane Loire, Il Maestro degli Annunci ai pastori e i pittori dal ‘tremendo impasto’ (Napoli 1625–1650)

Paolo Coen, Capitale e crocevia : Il mercato dell’arte nella Roma sabauda

Martabel Wasserman, Anne Brigman : The Photographer of Enchantment

Konstantin Akinsha, Toppling Statues : Papers from the 2020 PSSA Webinar Co-hosted by The Burlington Magazine

Suzette Van Haaren, Perceptions of Medieval Manuscripts : The Phenomenal Book

Gregory Martin, Palaces of Revolution : Life, Death and Art at the Stuart Court

Matthew Holliday, The Bloomsbury Look

Beth McKillop, William Burrell : A Collector’s Life


Recent acquisitions of photography at the Morgan Library & Museum

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