The Burlington Magazine - n° 1433 vol CLXIV - August 2022

Architecture and Design


Holiday reading


Gauvin Alexander Bailey, A Borromini-inspired church plan in eighteenth-century Lima

Adam Bowett, The floral marquetry floor at Burghley House

François Marandet, A modello by Louis Laguerre and the programme of the Painted Hall at Chatsworth

Tim Knox, Sicilian salvage at Sharnbrook: the Magniac monuments by William Burges

Andrew Hopkins, The source for Lutyens’s Memorial to the Missing of the Somme

Neil Jeffares, Pastels in the pandemic


Merlin James, Walter Sickert

Karen Hearn, The Tudors: Passion, Power and Politics

Armin Kunz, Hans Hoffmann: A European Artist of the Renaissance

Deborah Howard, From Donatello to Alessandro Vittoria, 1450–1600: 150 Years of Sculpture in the Republic of Venice

Ketty Gottardo, Giorgio Vasari: Le livre des dessins. Destinées d’une collection mythique

David Smith, Bertha Wegmann: Painting in Many Languages

Michael Hall, Glyn Philpot: Flesh and Spirit

Christopher Baker, Reframed: The Woman in the Window

Cathy Corbett, Archipenko and the Italian Avant Garde


Sean W. Anthony, The Umayyad Mosque of Damascus: Art, Faith and Empire in Early Islam

Elizabeth Valdez del Alamo, Romanesque Effigies: Death and Redemption in Medieval Europe, 1000–1200

Anthony Geraghty, A Biographical Dictionary of English Architecture, 1540–1640

Reinier Baarsen, Les ébénistes de la Couronne sous le règne de Louis XIV

Daniel Fulco, Venezianische Malerei: Staatsgalerie in der Residenz Würzburg

Howard Coutts, Pots, Prints, and Politics: Ceramics with an Agenda, from the 14th to the 20th Century

Stephen Bann, The Presence of the Past in French Art, 1870–1905: Modernity and Continuity

Mark Evans, Loot: Britain and the Benin Bronzes Dividing the Spoils: Perspectives on Military Collections and the British Empire

Jennifer Gray, The Oak Park Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright

Beth Williamson, Poisoned Abstraction: Kurt Schwitters between Revolution and Exile

Sophie Rhodes, Europe Divided: Huguenot Refugee Art and Culture

Louis Deltour, Les Années 1910: Arts décoratifs, mode, design

Patrick Bade, Belonging and Betrayal: How Jews Made the Art World Modern

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