The Burlington Magazine - n° 1427 vol CLXIV - February 2022

Northern European Art



Jan Dumolyn, Susan Jones, Ward Leloup, Toon de Meester, Mathijs Speecke, Margaret van Eyck, a house called ‘The Wild Sea’ and Jan van Eyck’s posthumous workshop

Richard West, The ‘Weston Altarpiece’ in the Museum of the Order of St John, Clerkenwell

Anne Delvingt, ‘The crucifixion of St Peter’ : Gerard Seghers, Michelangelo and Caravaggio

Sara Ayres, Christian VII of Denmark’s lost British portraits

Ella Hendricks, The Art of Conservation : XVII : Jan Cornelis Traas, paintings restorer of the Van Gogh family collection

Martin Biddle, Colossal orders and a Classical fa ade : Hoefnagel and Nonsuch revisited

Lars Hendrikman, The finding of the infant Bacchus


Lynne Cooke, Sophie Taeuber-Arp : Living Abstraction

Sylvie Lhermite-King, Emailler le verre à la Renaissance : Sur les traces des artistes verriers entre Venise et France

Camilla Pietrabissa, Venetia 1600 : Births and Rebirths

Keith Christiansen, Caravaggio e Artemisia : la sfida di Giuditta. Violenza e seduzione nella pittura tra Cinquecento e Seicento

Ivan Gaskell, New galleries of Dutch and Flemish art

Richard Stemp, Hogarth and Europe

Mark Evans, Late Constable

Rosalind P. Blakesley, The Morozov Collection : Icons of Modern Art

Sally Beazley-Long, Laura Knight : A Panoramic View

Anne Swartz, Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe : Tabernacles for Trying Times


Christopher White, Rembrandt : Landschaftszeichnungen / Landscape Drawings

Tom Nickson, Treasury, Memory, Nature : Church Objects in the Middle Ages

Paul Williamson, Die Bronze, der Tod und die Erinnerung. Das Grabmal des Wolfhard von Roth im Augsburger Dom

Francis Ames-Lewis, Watermarks : Leonardo da Vinci and the Mastery of Nature

Painting in Stone : Architecture and the Poetics of Marble from Antiquity to the Enlightenment

Clare Hornsby, Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717–1768) : Ein Europ isches Rezeptionsph nomen / Fenomeno Europeo della Ricezione

Robert Skwirblies, Gemalte Kunstgeschichte : Bildgenealogien in der Malerei um 1800

Colin Rhodes, Horace Pippin, American Modern

Philip Mcevansoneya, Art and the Nation State : The Reception of Modern Art in Ireland

Thomas E. Stammers, Iconoclasm and the Museum


Marjorie Trusted, Christian Theuerkauff (1936–2021)

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