The Burlington Magazine - n° 1423 vol CLXIII - October 2021

Art in twentieth-century China


Art history in the Anthropocene


Mei Mei Rado, The Empress Dowager Cixi’s Japanese screen and late Qing imperial cosmopolitanism

Elizabeth Emrich-Rougé, The nude male form in Chen Yanqiao’s woodblock prints and cartoons, 1934–35

Yiqiang Cao, The fate of Chinese history painting in an age of ideology

Uta Neidhardt, Christoph Schölzel, The restoration of ‘Young woman reading a letter at an open window’ by Johannes Vermeer : final report

Teio Meedendorp, Study for ‘Worn out’ : a newly discovered Van Gogh drawing


Jorg Zutter, The Women of Art : Stories of Women Between the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Jorg Zutter, Fede Galizia : Admirable Paintress

Christine Gardner-Dseagu, Nero : The Man Behind the Myth

Melanie Vandenbrouck, The Making of Rodin

Jennifer Mundy, The Colours of Nadia

Penelope Curtis, Ivan Kožarić : A Retrospective – One of 100 Possible Ones

Arthur Bijl, Fighting, Hunting, Impressing : Arms and Armour from the Islamic World 1500–1850

Larry Silver, Marinus : Painter from Reymerswale

Jeremy Warren, Le renouveau de la Passion : La sculpture religieuse entre Chartres et Paris autour de 1540

Celina Fox, Conversations with God : Jan Matejko’s Copernicus

Celina Fox, Young Poland : The Polish Arts and Crafts Movement, 1890–1918

Michael Clarke, Hippolyte, Paul, Auguste : Les Flandrin artistes et frères

Merlin James, Soutine / de Kooning : Conversations in Paint

Konstantin Akinsha, VKhUTEMAS 100 : School of Avant-garde

Isabelle Loring Wallace, Cy Twombly : Making Past Present


Kee Il JR Choi, Henri Bertin and the Representation of China in Eighteenth-Century France

Lesley Milner, Seeking Transparency : Rock Crystals Across the Medieval Mediterranean

Beverly Louise Brown, Vasari, Michelangelo and the ‘Allegory of Patience’

Stéphane Loire, Giulio Cesare Procaccini : Life and work with a catalogue of his paintings

Mirjam Hähnle, Historische Topographien : Bilder europäischer Reisender im Osmanischen Reich um 1700

Alice S. Legé, Reframing Japonisme : Women and the Asian Art Market in Nineteenth- Century France, 1853–1914

Marv Recinto, The Asian Modern

Paul Bevan, Modern Art for a Modern China : The Chinese Intellectual Debate, 1900–1930

Frederica C.E. Law-Turner, The Velislav Bible, Finest Picture-Bible of the Late Middle Ages : ‘Biblia Depicta’ as Devotional, Mnemonic and Study Tool

Sarah Bolwell, Korean Treasures : Rare Books, Manuscripts and Artefacts in the Bodleian Libraries and Museums of Oxford University, vol.2

Archishman Sarker, A Mediated Magic : The Indian Presence in Modernism 1880–1930


Rose Kerr, John Ayers (1922–2021)

Martin Clayton, Jane Roberts (1949–2021)

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