The Burlington Magazine - n° 1411 vol CLXII - October 2020

How Mount Yandang changed Chinese painting


Terence Conran, marchand-mercier


Shelly Xue and Christopher Maxwell, A pair of Qianlong imperial enamel painted glass vases in the Corning Museum of Glass

Pedith Chan, Picturing Mount Yandang : the travel paintings and landscape aesthetics of Yu Jianhua

Chloé Ariot, Agnès Cascio and Guylaine Mary, In search of Hanako : fifty portraits by Rodin

Antonia Cevizli Gatward, Turbans in the Strozzi Chapel : Filippino Lippi and the Mamluk embassies to Florence

Yiqiang Cao, Three eminent art historians : a Chinese encounter

Louis Shadwick, The origins of Edward Hopper’s earliest oil paintings


Sabine T. Kriebel, John Heartfield : Photography Plus Dynamite

Nicholas Herman, Stories of Painted Pages : Manuscripts and Illuminations Recovered by the Florentine Cultural Heritage Protection Unit

John Gash, Orazio Borgianni : A Restless Genius in Caravaggio’s Rome

Lisa Stein, Sights of Wonder

Helene Roth, August Sander : Sardinia 1927

Carina Dauven, Berenice Abbott : Portraits of Modernity

Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, Derek Jarman : My Garden’s Boundaries are the Horizon


Clare Pollard, Japan : Courts and Culture

Jan Richter, Mittelalterliche Retabel in Hessen. Volume 1 : Bildsprache, Bildgestalt, Bildgebrauch ; and Volume 2 : Werke, Kontexte, Ensembles (Denkmäler Deutscher Kunst : Studien zur internationalen Architekturund Kunstgeschichte, 166)

Luca Palozzi, Optics, Ethics and Art in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries : Looking into Peter of Limoges’s Moral Treatise on the Eye’

Jeremy Howard, Botticelli : Heroines and Heroes

Gauvin Alexander Bailey, The Album of the World Emperor : Cross-Cultural Collecting and the Art of Album-Making in Seventeenth-Century Istanbul

Pierre Rosenberg, Poussin as a Painter : From Classicism to Abstraction

Niklas Leverenz, Jesuitenerbe in Peking : Sakralbauten und transkulturelle Räume, 1600–1800

Rosalind McKever, Antonio Mancini : Catalogo ragionato dell’opera. Volume I : La pittura a olio ; and Volume II : Repertori

Ann Coxon, Weaving Modernism : Postwar Tapestry Between Paris and New York

Sarah Bolwell, Korean Art from 1953 : Collision, Innovation, Interaction

Archishman Sarker, Art and Archaeology of Ancient India : Earliest Times to the Sixth Century

Jane Spooner, St Albans Cathedral Wall Paintings

Alain Kerhervé, Mrs. Delany : A Life

Michael Hall, Cardiff Castle and the Marquesses of Bute


Kenneth McConkey, William H. Gerdts (1929–2020)

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