Print Quarterly Volume XL - numéro 1 - Mars 2023

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Susanne Meurer, Johann Neudörffer the Elder and the Earliest German Recipe for Copper Etching

Eckhard Leuschner, Luca Ciamberlano’s Vision of St Teresa of Ávila and its Reflections in the Work of Rubens and Bernini

Emily C. Floyd with Suzanne Stratton-Pruitt, Juan Francisco Rosa : Engraver to the Elite in Eighteenth-Century Lima

Shorter Notice

Mark Mcdonald, Alfredo Zalce’s Illustrations for El sombererón (1946)


Evelyn Lincoln, Artemisia Gentileschi, Geronima and Isabella Parasole and Lavinia Fontana (By Her Hand : Artemisia Gentileschi and Women Artists in Italy, 1500–1800)

Antony Griffiths, Altered Plates

Peter Van Der Coelen, Romeyn Hooghe’s Political Satires (The Birth of Modern Political Satire : Romeyn de Hooghe (1645–1708) and the Glorious Revolution)

Helmut Gier, Johann Ulrich Kraus of Augsburg (1655–1719), Engraver, Etcher and Publisher

Stephen Salel, Hokusai : The Great Picture Book of Everything

Janis A. Tomlinson, Did Goya have a Workshop ? (Goya : Génie d’Avant-Garde. Le Maître et son École and ‘Goya peintre’, in Technè, no. 53)

Michaela Milgrom, Ambiguity, Ambivalence and Art Nouveau’s Women (Goddesses of Art Nouveau)

Isabel Seligman, A Modern Influence : Henri Matisse, Etta Cone and Baltimore

Eileen Hogan, Naturalist Gilbert White (1720–93) and the Artists

Gill Saunders, Joseph Beuys : Posters

Ellis Tinios, Tanaka Ryōhei (1933–2019)

Robin Reisenfeld, Landfall Press

Paul Coldwell, British Printmaking – Hockney to Himid

Anne Lyles, Obituary for Lino Mannocci (1945–2021)

Paul Coldwell, Obituary for Paula Rego (1935–2022)

Antony Griffiths and Christopher Mendez, Obituary for Andrew Edmunds (1943–2022)

Nadine Orenstein, Obituary for Ger Luijten (1956–2022)

Publications Received

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Joyce Zelen, Late Gothic Prints from the German-Speaking World

Heather Hyde Minor, Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s Plates (Giambattista Piranesi : Matrici incise 1743–1753)

Roger Kneebone, The Art of Anatomy (Flesh and Bones)

Susan Tallman, Prints and Their Makers

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