Announcement for researchers: JRC Bella Maniera Prize

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Antoine Coypel
Allegory of Painting
Black stone, white chalk and red chalk highlights on blue paper
35.6 x 30.8 cm
New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Photo : New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you of the launch of a brand new prize, entirely funded by a patron, aimed at supporting Bella Maniera’s missions by encouraging high-quality research in our field.

The JRC Prize is dedicated to supporting research into French or Italian drawing, from the 15th to the 20th century. It is endowed with €4,000.

The prize is intended for :
 the preparation of a Master’s degree ;
 preparation of a university thesis ;
 writing and publishing an article or a book;
 preparatory research for an exhibition.

Applications are now open, and we encourage researchers to submit their projects before April 2, 2024.
Full details of eligibility criteria and the application process can be found on the Bella Maniera website.

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