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  • A Delft earthenware pyramid vase acquired by Cleveland

    The Cleveland Museum of Art’s decorative arts collection has been enriched by a very fine new piece, a large pyramid vase in Delft earthenware acquired from the Amsterdam gallery Aronson Delftware…

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  • Un vase pyramide en faïence de Delft acquis par Cleveland

    La collection d’arts décoratifs du Cleveland Museum of Art s’enrichit d’une très belle nouvelle pièce, un vase pyramide en faïence de Delft acquis auprès le la galerie amstellodamoise Aronson Delftware…

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  • A sculpture by Nicola Fumo for Spain

    At first glance, it looks like the Virgin and Child, but the young woman is wearing a black and white garment adorned with flowers. It is Saint Rose of Lima, a Dominican tertiary who was…

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  • More Sèvres for Fontainebleau

    Fortunately, the showcases at Fontainebleau are not only filled with busts of the Napoleonides, judiciously acquired with metronome-like regularity, but also with an increasing number of imperial…

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  • Whistler, the butterfly effect

    Attempting to reveal an artist’s influence without showing the pivotal works of their career is a challenge. The Rouen Museum of Fine Arts is taking that risk with James Abbott McNeill Whistler.…

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  • Three new museum directors

    We are continuing our series of news items of recent appointments to head up French museums. Graduating from the Institut National du Patrimoine in June 2023, 28-year-old curator Manon Lecaplain…

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