The Burlington Magazine - N°1338 - Septembre 2014


At the Imperial War Museum

Angela Weight, John Lavery : an intrepid war artist

Barbara Pezzini, Eye-witness accounts and silence dissent : The Burlington Magazine during the First World War

Erika Langmuir, Stanley Spencer and the Acts of Mercy - a suggested additional source for the Sandham Memorial Chapel

Elizabeth Clegg, Austria-Hungary’s war : the 1914-18 Centenary in Vienna

Daniel Godfrey, Michelangelo als Zeichner by C. Echinger-Maurach, A. Gnann et J. Poeschke

David Franklin, In Michelangelo’s mirror. Perino del Vaga, Daniele da Volterra, Pellegrino Tibaldi, by M. Steen Hansen

Christian Dekesel, Translatio Nummorum. Römische Kaiser in der renaissance, by U. Peter et B. Weisser

Dorigen Caldwell, The Power and the Glorification. Papal pretensions and the art of propaganda in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, by J-L de Jong

Gregory Martin, Van Dyck en Espana, by M. Diaz Padron, J. Sanzsalazar and A. Dieguez Rodrigues

Owen Hopkins, The Building of England. How the history of England has shaped our buildings, by S. Thurley

Britany Salsbury, Distinguished Images : Prints in the Visual Economy of Nineteenth-Century France, by S. Bann

Geraint Franklin, Kent : North east and East, by J. Newman

Ed Lilley, Manet, Wagner and the Musical Culture of their time, by T. Dolan

Richard R. Brettell, The Letters of Paul Cézanne, by A. Danchev

Timothy Wilcox, James Dickson Innes 1887-1914, by J. Hoole and M. Simons

Bryan How, Midway, Letters from Ian Hamilton Finlay to Stephen Bann 1964-69, by S. Bann

Publications received


Fabrizio Nevola, Architecture in Italian Renaissance painting

Celia White, Theaters of the body

Marina Vaizey, Julian Opie

Martha Barratt, GENERATION

David Pullins, China and Versailles

Frances Parton, Charlemagne

Charles Robertson, Bernardino Luini

Peter Humfrey, Dosso and Battista Dossi

Charles Avery, Bandinelli


Notes on Contributors

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