The Burlington Magazine - n° 1380 vol CLX - Mars 2018


Modigliani, taste and the canon


Annette King, Nancy Ireson, Simonetta Fraquelli, Joyce H. Townsend, The Modigliani Technical Research Study. An introduction to Modigliani’s materials and techniques

Anna Ceroni, Simonetta Fraquelli, The Modigliani Technical Research Study. The catalogues raisonnés of Amedeo Modigliani

Jeremy Warren, A Grand Master in miniature : Giovanni Bandini’s bust of Jean de Valette

Mary Morton, Élodie Vaysse, Simon Vouet’s ‘Virgin and Child’ in the National Gallery of Art, Washington

Lucy Whitaker, A portrait of Consul Smith

Esmé Whittaker, ‘Almost her creation’ : Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, and the decoration of Chiswick House


Glyn Davies, The Neutelings Collection : Four Centuries of Medieval Sculpture. Edited by Lars Hendrikman

Dora Thornton, Italian Maiolica and Europe : Medieval, Renaissance and Later Italian Pottery in the Ashmolean Museum. By Timothy Wilson

Thomas Dacosta Kaufmann, A Magnificent Faith : Art and Identity in Lutheran Germany. By Bridget Heal

Giulia Martina Weston, Angelo Caroselli 1585–1652, pittore romano. Copista, pasticheur, restauratore, conoscitore. By Marta Rossetti

Pietro C. Marani, Mona Lisa : The People and the Painting. By Martin Kemp and Giuseppe Pallanti

Galina Mardilovich, Russian Realisms : Literature and Painting, 1840–1890. By Molly Brunson

Marsha Morton, Max Klinger : ‘. . . schon der leiseste Zwang nimmt mir die Luft’. Edited by Hans-Werner Schmidt and Jeannette Stoschek

Marie Collier, Explodity : Sound, Image, and Word in Russian Futurist Book Art. By Nancy Perloff & Aleksandr Zhitomirsky : Photomontage as a Weapon of World War II and the Cold War. By Erika Wolf & Communist Posters. Edited by Mary Ginsberg

Sam Cornish, John Golding. Edited by Jenna Lundin Aral

Milena Tomic, Almost Nothing : Observations on Precarious Practices in Contemporary Art. By Anna Dezeuze


Tom Henry, Raphael in Oxford and Vienna

Daniela Kaufmann, The Mainz Treasure. Darmstadt

Lisa Monnas, Textiles in medieval Florence. Florence

Nathaniel Silver, Filippo Lippi. Rome

Arnauld Brejon de Lavergnée, Nicholas Régnier. Nantes

Duncan Robinson, Casanova. Fort Worth, San Francisco, Boston

David Pullins, Henry Fuseli. Chicago

Stephen Duffy, Van Eyck and the Pre-Raphaelites. London

Richard R. Brettell, The art of pastel. Paris

Jonathan Vernon, Julio González. The Hague

David Cowan, Louvre Abu Dhabi. The building

Martha Barratt, Louvre Abu Dhabi. The displays

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