The Burlington Magazine - n° 1362 vol CLVIII - September 2016


Publish or be damned


Michel Hochmann, A visit to Titian’s studio

Joseph Connors,Machtelt Israëls, Borromini in Siena

Jocelyn Anderson, Rescuing from oblivion : the ruins of Palmyra and Baalbek in the eighteenth century

Arabella Teniswood-Harvey, Reconsidering Whistler’s portrait of Henry Irving

Dean Hawkes, Tate Modern’s new building : the Switch House


Geraldine A. Johnson, Touching Objects : Intimate Experiences of Italian Fifteenth-Century Art, by Adrian W.B. Randolph

Joachim Jacoby, Philipp Uffenbach : Ein Frankfurter Maler um 1600, by Ursula Opitz

John Gash, Après Caravage : Une peinture caravagesque ?, by Olivier Bonfait ; Spogliando modelli e alzando lumi : Scritti su Caravaggio e l’ambiente caravaggesco, by Gianni Papi ; Caravaggio : Reflections and Refractions, edited by Lorenzo Pericolo and David M. Stone

Stéphane Loire, Salvator Rosa (1615–1673) : ‘Pittore famoso’, by Caterina Volpi

Xavier F. Salomon, Italian Paintings : Three Centuries of Collecting. Nationalmuseum, Stockholm. Vol. 1, edited by Sabrina Norlander Eliasson, Daniel Prytz, Johan Eriksson, Sofia Ekmanet al.

John Picton, The Art of Conversion : Christian Visual Culture in the Kingdom of Kongo, by Cécile Fromont

Sarah Whitfield, Ellsworth Kelly, by Tricia Y. Paik, with contributions by Robert Storr, Gavin Delahunty, Richard Shiff and Gary Garrels

Silas Clifford-Smith, Bawden, Ravilious and the Artists of Great Bardfield, edited by Gill Saunders and Malcolm Yorke

Owen Hopkins, Space, Hope and Brutalism : English Architecture 1945–1975, by Elain Harwood


Christopher Baker, Painters’ Paintings. London

Marina Vaizey, Hockney portraits. London

Julian Treuherz, Sicily. London, Amsterdam and Oxford

Susanna Avery-Quash, Winifred Knights. London

Michael Bracewell, Lukas Duwenhögger. London

Martin Butlin, Turner and colour. Aix-en-Provence and Margate

Ivan Gaskell, The Altenberg altar. Frankfurt

James Boaden, Bruce Connor. New York, San Francisco and Madrid

Ezra Shales, Black Mountain College. Boston, Los Angeles and Columbus

La Tribune de l’Art, jeudi 29 septembre 2016

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