The Burlington Magazine - n° 1358 vol CLVIII - mai 2016

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The new Museo dell’Opera del Duomo in Florence


Alessandro Cecchi, A portrait of a Florentine ‘cartolaio’ by Andrea del Sarto in the National Gallery

Jessica O’Donnell, A painting ‘without a history’ : new light on a hitherto ‘Unidentified miracle’ in the National Gallery of Ireland

Shawon Kinew, New sources for Melchiorre Cafà’s 1665 sculpture of Rose of Lima

Xavier F. Salomon, Francis Cotes’s portraits of Sir Griffith and Lady Boynton

Barbara Pezzini, Days with Velázquez : when Charles Lewis Hind bought the ‘Rokeby Venus’ for Lockett Agnew


Richard Scholfield, Le delizie ritrovate : Poggioreale e la villa del Rinascimento nella Napoli aragonese, by P. Modesti

Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, Owning the Past : Why the English Collected Antique Sculpture 1640–1840, by R. Guilding

Abram Fox, Benjamin West and the Struggle to be Modern, by L. Grossman

Richard Green, George Morland : Art, Traffic and Society in late eighteenth century England, ed. by N. Grindle, with essays by D. Alexander, K. Bristol, S. Ecclestone, N. Grindle and M. Purvis

David Peters Corbett, Stanley Spencer : Art as a Mirror of Himself, by A. Causey

Christina Lodder, Malevich Writes : A Theory of Creativity. Cubism to Suprematism, by P. Railing

Sam Ladkin, Go Figure ! New Perspectives on Guston, ed. by P. Benson Miller


Simon Lee, Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art. Minneapolis and London

Jonathan Vernon, Bonheur de Vivre. London

Alison Britton, Betty Woodman : Theatre of the Domestic. Florence and London

Julian Treuherz, Artist and Empire. London

Gilda Williams, Andy Warhol from the Hall Collection. Oxford

Susan Owens, Brothers in Art : Drawings by Watts and Leighton. Compton. Pre-Raphaelites on Paper : Victorian Drawings from the Lanigan Collection. Ottawa & London

Rachel Sloan, Pre-Raphaelites : Beauty and Rebellion. Liverpool

Jennifer Sliwka, Carlo Portelli : Pittore Eccentrico fra Rosso Fiorentino e Vasari. Florence

Nicholas Watkins, Miró’s Studio. London & New York

Robert Silberman, Marcel Broodthaers. New York, Madrid and Düsseldorf

Martha Buskirk, Walid Raad. New York, Boston and Mexico City

Thomas Crow, International Pop ; The World Goes Pop. Dallas, Minneapolis and Philadelphia ; London

La Tribune de l’Art, jeudi 30 juin 2016

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