The Burlington Magazine - n° 1356 vol CLVIII - mars 2016

An artist’s house and its future


Dorine van Sasse van Ysselt, The altarpiece of ‘Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane’ by Johannes Stradanus recovered

Marco Chiarini, An ‘Adoration of the shepherds’ by Taddeo Zuccari at Palazzo Pitti, Florence

Furio Rinaldi, Denys Calvaert in Rome

Mary Vaccaro, A newly identified drawing by Denys Calvaert in the Uffizi

Duncan Thomson, Raeburn : a decade of experiment

Ed Lilley, Edouard Manet’s ‘The roundhouse on the Paris–Sceaux railway’


Paul Williamson, Worlds Within : Opening the Medieval Shrine Madonna, E. Gertsman

Paul Crossley, Architektur–Herrschaft–Land. Die Residenzen Karls IV. in Prag und den Ländern der Böhmischen Krone, R. Nemec

Victor M. Schmid, Images-within-Images in Italian Painting (1250–1350). Reality and Reflexivity, P. Bokody

Donatella Livia Sparti, Da ‘Universitas’ ad ‘Academia’. La corporazione dei Pittori nella chiesa di San Luca a Roma. 1474–1588, I. Salvagni

Rosalie Kim, Treasures from Korea : Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392–1910, H. Woo, ed. Pathways to Korean Culture : Paintings of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392–1910, B. Jungmann

Tim Barringer, Painting Labour in Scotland and Europe, 1850–1900, J. Morrison

Catherine Lampert, Lawrence Gowing. Selected Writings on Art, S. Whitfield, ed.

Fanny Singer, Lawrence Alloway : Critic and Curator, L. Bradnock, C.J. Martin and R. Peabody, eds.


Merlin James, Peter Lanyon

Martin Hammer, Frank Auerbach

Michael Bracewell, John Hoyland

Fiontán Moran, Rose English

Judith Collins, Elisabeth Frink

Jeremy Warren, Louise de Savoie

Rosalind Savill, Sèvres sculpture

Peter Hecht, P.C. Wonder

Yuriko Jackall, Fantasy figures

Donal Cooper, Giotto

Simonetta Fraquelli, Giovanni Fattori

Martha Barratt, Carolee Schneemann

Simon Lee, Ingres

La Tribune de l’Art, mardi 29 mars 2016

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