Print Quarterly - Volume XXXII - Number 4 - December 2015


Jamie Gabbarelli, Philippe Thomassin and Giulio Mancini’s Art Collection

Simon Turner, Views of Tanger by Robert Thacker and Thomas Phillips

Ruth Pelzer-Montada, Brook Andrew and rebecca Salter : Thinking Contemporary Art Throught Mokuhanga


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Naoko Takahatake and Nancy Bialler, Chiaroscuro in the Renaissance

Mark Mcdonald, Seventeenth-Century Zaragoza

Paolo Delorenzi, Artists and the Theater in Baroque Venice

Anette Michels, A Monument to Adam von Bartsch

Jesusa Vega, Goya

Atsushi Miura, Japonisme

Britany Salsbury, New research on the Poster

Waldemar Deluga, Polish woodcut after 1900

Paul Coldwell, Eduardo Paolozzi

La Tribune de l’Art, mercredi 25 novembre 2015

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